IMPACT Consulting provides a full range of services. We have the expertise to construct strategic and effective responses to support organizations in achieving their goals.

Your business is more complex and intertwined than ever, connected through traditional electronic, digital, print media, and through expanding social media networks. IMPACT keeps pace with current communication technologies and offers rapid and effective responses to your changing dynamics.

Whether it’s the challenge of sorting through a complex problem, setting up a governance structure, dealing with multiple levels of government, assisting with public consultation or timely media advice, IMPACT will be there to meet your needs.

Government Relations

Understanding the current political environment is crucial to achieving your objectives. The legislative and regulatory environment is constantly shifting and requires specialized expertise. Learn More >

Crisis Management

When there are situations that challenge your ability to do business, we analyze, manage and control these high risk crises. Learn More >

Public Relations

Your voice needs to be heard and understood by stakeholders and the public. This is essential to influencing opinion and shaping public policy. Learn More >

Stakeholder Engagement

Capturing the attention of your stakeholders is essential to affecting positive outcomes. This is done through building trusting relationships between you and your stakeholders. Learn More >

Reputation Management & Recovery

Your most valued asset is your reputation – it is carefully developed and nurtured over years and with the growth of digital media, it can be challenged in minutes, leaving long term negative impacts. We assist you in effectively countering these challenges. Learn More >

Community Development

Your community is the foundation of your business and government. We work with you to bring local ideas to reality. Learn More >

Research, Policy & Program Support

To make the right decision, you need the right information. We work with you, asking the questions that matter and developing the policies and programs that meet your needs and ensure a successful path forward. Learn More >

Governance & Organizational Improvement

Strategy, people and processes need to work in close alignment for your organization to operate with an optimal approach. Learn More >

Web Communications & Social Media

Today’s reality is that life and business takes place online more than it has ever before. To be successful, you need to use this to your advantage. Learn More >

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